Eye Contour Serum from Garden Of Wisdom for Victoria Health

I was starting to notice more lines around my eyes which I was obviously not happy about! I had been made aware of the Garden of Wisdom range on Victoria Health by a video Nadine Baggott did on her YouTube channel. When I looked at the website I saw this Eye Contour Serum (£18) which contained lots of impressive ingredients so thought I would give it a try.

It is a multi-peptide eye serum which aims to help reduce bags under eyes, dark circles around the eye contours, fine lines, wrinkles and creases around eyes, as well as puffy eyes. Pretty impressive right? Have a look on the website for a breakdown of the key ingredients and their effects.

garden of wisdom gow victoria health eye contour serum review

The bottle is 30ml which is brilliant for an eye product as it’s going to last ages as you only use a tiny bit each time. It comes with a pump which you only have to press down the tiniest bit to get the perfect amount. Never push down the whole way as you’d get way too much out and it would be wasted! It’s great that the pump is controllable in this way.

The formula itself is a water based serum and feels how you assume serums will feel. It’s beautifully refreshing to apply and sinks in fairly quickly but not too quickly that you can’t distribute it around the eye area. I tend to put a bit on each of my ring fingers and then do one eye at a time, dabbing until it sinks in.

I use it within my morning and evening routine and can confirm makeup goes on top very well.

As for the effects I’ve experienced from using this for the past 11 weeks, I do think there is some improvement. My eye area is definitely far more hydrated and the dryness I was experiencing on the outer corners has cleared up. I also think the lines underneath are slightly less prominent and I hope this is something that continues to improve. I haven’t noticed a change to my dark circles.

I am a big fan of this serum. I find it so lovely to use and it has some proven-to-be-effective ingredients so I’m confident that it’s doing some good, whether it’s obvious or not. It’s also going to last a good amount of time so the £18 purchase price should deliver very good value. I highly recommend!

Love Nicole xxxx

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