GOSH Growth ‘The Secret of Longer Lashes’ Mascara

This mascara from GOSH costs £9.49 and is most easily available in the UK from Superdrug. I thought I’d try this as I loved the idea of a mascara helping my lashes to grow, which is what this mascara claims to do. It contains something called SymPeptide® XLash which is supposedly proven to have a visible effect on the length and thickness of lashes.

GOSH growth mascara reviewGOSH growth mascara review (2)gosh growth mascara review (3)_cropped

The reviews on Superdrug’s website for this are actually really great but I can’t count myself as a fan… Firstly, I didn’t love the brush and found it a bit uncomfortable to use. It’s a rubber one and I prefer bristles but that’s not a deal breaker if the mascara still looks great on the lashes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like what this mascara did for my lashes. I like to pack on the mascara and I tend to do loads of layers. This mascara is not good if you like to do that as it’s a very dry formula and dries quickly and I ended up with very clumpy lashes. I don’t mind a bit of clump but I found it so hard to achieve enough separation. This admittedly was after the mascara had dried out a bit but even when it was still fresh I wasn’t impressed with the effect.

As for giving length and volume, it was very underwhelming. The colour is good and very black but it did nothing special and I didn’t feel anywhere near my best when wearing this mascara.

Regarding the claims that it will help your lashes to grow, I didn’t notice any difference with regular use. I’ve used it up and I wouldn’t credit it with any improvement to length or volume of my bare lashes.

GOSH make so many different mascaras I’m hoping I just picked a dud as the first one to try from the range. Have you tried any good products that you’d recommend from GOSH? I think it’s a cool brand and, of course, I love that they are cruelty free.

Love Nicole xxxx

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