The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter

The Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm is a powder highlighter that is currently priced at an RRP of £20, although with a quick google and by using discount codes you definitely don’t need to pay full price for this product.

the balm mary-lou manizer highlighter reviewthe balm mary-lou manizer highlighter review (3)the balm mary-lou manizer highlighter review swatch

Firstly, the packaging of the product is gorgeous. I love the kind of vintage/retro/pin-up girl vibe that comes from having this badass ‘Mary-Lou’ character on the compact. It’s definitely one of the most cutely packaged highlighters I own.

Fortunately, the product itself lives up to all the high hopes you have from such a prettily packaged product. The colour of the highlight is a pale, honey gold which I think can be flattering on a huge range of skin tones. On my skin tone, the colour blends in nicely so it can be fairly subtle but then it gives off this beautiful metallic sheen that catches the light. The formula is not too powdery or chalky and it blends easily. It had a small amount of glitter to it but it’s not chunky. The main effect it gives is just the wonderful pale golden sheen. You can wear it quite minimally or you can build it up to be very intense.

If you’re looking for a highlighter in this sort of shade I don’t think you’d regret trying this one. It’s a lovely product and one I would recommend.

Love Nicole xxxx

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