Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow Extreme 6%

I’ve recently finished a bottle of this Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow Extreme from Nip+Fab. It is priced at a rather hefty £19.95 for 100ml but this is not what I paid for it. I think I got it for less than £10. Superdrug seems to be the best place for getting Nip+Fab products at great discounts, or, on the Nip+Fab website they sometimes have amazing limited time deals too.

nip and fab glycolic fix tonic liquid glow extreme 6% review

I am a huge fan of Nip+Fab’s Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Cleansing Pads so when I saw this for a good price I thought I’d give it a try! I used this product day and night and it lasted longer than I thought actually considering it is only a 100ml bottle. It must’ve lasted at least two months as you only need to use a small amount each time as it’s a high strength formula and a little goes a long way. Unlike the Glossier Solution, this formulation is much more ‘wet’ feeling so it went further as it distributed over my skin easily on a cotton pad.

It has a orangey/citrus smell to it, similar to the Nip+Fab Extreme Night Pads. I personally quite like the scent! The formula contains 6% glycolic acid as well as allantoin, niacinamide, lactic acid, salicylic acid and sodium hyaluronate. Quite the cocktail! And there’s no alcohol in it either.

My skin’s been a bit temperamental over the past couple of months and I’ve had some super stubborn spots and breakouts. I’m inclined to blame hormones and stress and definitely wouldn’t put it down to this product. If anything, I know that products like this hugely help me to prevent breakouts and clear them up when they do happen. As I’m writing this my skin is, touch wood, in pretty good condition and I think this product has played its part (along with others)!

I found this product very pleasant to use and I do think it helped to keep my skin in good condition. It is something I would consider buying again but only if it was on some kind of offer or discount. I think £19.95 for a 100ml bottle is too much. I still slightly prefer Nip+Fab’s pad products over this but that’s largely because I love the convenience of them being a pre-soaked pad.

Love Nicole xxxx

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