Spring ASOS Haul

I wanted to share what I got from a recent ASOS order. This is a bit different to past ASOS hauls I’ve shared where I’ve photographed the items in real life. This time I’m just sharing the images on the website; it saves time and I think the images ASOS show are great anyway. If anything was different than I perceived from the website images I will let you know. I ordered 7 items and sent 2 back, so I’m just going to share with you the 5 I kept and therefore the ones I recommend.

ASOS Mini Cotton Sundress with Cups in Floral Print
ASOS Mini Cotton Sundress with Cups in Floral Print £25

This red cotton sundress is so cute! It looks lovely on and is girly without being too girly (IMO). Red is an on trend colour and combined with the floral it is quite a statement. Also as this is cotton it will be breathable and comfortable in any hot weather we may, or may not, get this summer in the UK.

Bershka Multi Stripe Ribbed Top
Bershka Multi Stripe Ribbed Top £17.99

This long sleeved and ribbed top from Bershka is so cool and gives me retro vibes. With the chunky buttons on the sleeves it reminds me of something I wore in my childhood in the late 90s and early 00s. It is super comfortable and stretches wonderfully over your body to hug it. It is made from 92% cotton and 8% elastane so it has the stretch but is still breathable because of the cotton. Because it is ribbed and fits quite tightly to the body it will be perfect for layering under dungarees, pinafores or strappy dresses. Equally, it looks fab tucked into jeans, skirts or trousers. I love it and am wearing it as I type this!

Bershka organic cotton v neck t-shirt in pink
Bershka organic cotton v neck t-shirt in pink £8.99

This is a basic V neck tee from Bershka and I loved it because of the colour and because it is 100% organic cotton so again: breathable, hoorah. I got it in a size Small which is meant to be equivalent to a size 8 but it is fairly oversized and I might have preferred the size XS. Nonetheless, T-shirts like these are just handy to have if you want to wear some printed trousers or skirt on the bottom half, or for layering with a statement jacket.

Stradivarius Pinstripe Soft Tailored Blazer white
Stradivarius Pinstripe Soft Tailored Blazer £25.99

Blazers are everywhere at the moment and I wanted to get back on board. I was big into blazers in 2011/2012 but then they somehow fell out of my style. I liked this one from Stradivarius and thought it’d be good for Spring because of the light colour. It also looks amazing with the vintage wash denim! It unfortunately has no cotton content and is primarily polyester like most blazers (I have seen some beautiful linen ones on ASOS lately though) but I can make an exception as it is a good price and it still feels nice quality. It fits nicely, albeit being slightly long on me but not enough to make me feel silly. I think I will style this very similarly to the model with blue jeans, plain top and a belt and then over time see what else in my wardrobe it works with.

Stradivarius Stripe Peg Leg Trouser
Stradivarius Stripe Peg Leg Trouser £19.99

I loved how these were styled on the model and I’m into wearing trousers at the moment, just as an occasional alternative to always wearing my favourite Urban Outfitters Axyl jeans. These are great because they have a stretchy waistband at the back – the comfort. They have pockets and feel nice quality despite being made of the dreaded polyester. As they are pin stripe trousers they are super versatile and can been worn smartly at work or casually day-to-day.

Thank you for reading and I hope I’ve inspired you a bit with these pieces.

Love Nicole xxxx

Spring and Summer ASOS Haul

A cheeky 20% student discount cropped up on ASOS last week so as always, that’s my cue to go and purchase many of the things lurking in my ‘Saved for Later’ section.

The majority of the pieces I would say are more Spring/Summer appropriate. Despite probably preferring Autumn/Winter fashion slightly more, it is nice to not have to wear a coat every day once summer hits! I have a new thing where I always check what fabrics clothing is made from when I consider purchasing. Especially for summer clothes I’m trying to avoid things like polyester and go for things made out of cotton! Cotton is a breathable fabric as it’s natural so I’m hoping to have as much cotton in my summer wardrobe as possible.

BlogBlog-001Blog1Summer ASOS haulSummer ASOS haul-001Summer ASOS haul1Summer ASOS haul2Summer ASOS haul37425389-1-multi

I was so happy to finally find an amazing pair of denim shorts! I’ve always loved them on other people but I’ve never felt comfortable in them myself. I don’t love my legs, I feel my thighs are pretty chunky and wobbly, so denim shorts have been tricky. However, I found an amazing pair from Noisy May’s Tall range! Because they’re from the tall range they’re a much better length in my opinion! Partly why I tend to feel uncomfortable in denim shorts is because they’re generally so short! Also, they’re not turned up at the end or anything, they’re just loosely cut off so they’re not tight against your thigh. I find this so much more flattering on me and I love them. I’m definitely planning on purchasing them in black. Purchasing shorts from the Tall range is definitely a winner for me.

I forgot to photograph this gorgeous stripy sundress but you can see how nice it is from the ASOS website image anyway. 100% cotton too! 😉 ❤

I was so happy with everything – kind of annoyed I didn’t want to send anything back because I spent way too much but I guess I probably would’ve ended up buying these things at some point anyway so it’s good I got them with the 20% discount!

I hope you liked what I picked out! Anything catch your eye?

Love Nicole xxxx

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20% Discount ASOS and Topshop Haul

Yes, Nicole’s been reeled in by the discounts again and done some online shopping. ASOS did a 20% student discount and I had a 20% off for my birthday Topshop code about to expire. Let’s just get into it shall we. 🙂

From ASOS…

ASOS Premium Rain Mac With Borg Liner (£55)
Nocozo Tonal Stripe Jersey Top (£18)
ASOS Supersoft Long Woven Scarf With Tassels (£12 each) Pink and Dusty Mauve

The ASOS Rain Mac is amazing quality! It just feels so cool, I love this material so much and will kind of looking forward to the rain if I can chuck this on and be smug about staying dry. As for the striped t-shirt, I live in them and I liked this colour combination so I’m sure it’ll gets its wear. I realised I have hardly any scarves so I bought these two in beautiful colours and I love them – very big and snuggly.

Now what I got from Topshop…

Frill French Stripe Top (£18)
Metallic Pleated Jersey Skirt (£34)
Broderie Detailed Hybrid Top (£7 in the sale!)
Femme Liberte T-Shirt (£15)
MOTO Dark Grey Leigh Jeans (£38)

I love this metallic pleated skirt – isn’t it a gorgeous colour?! It is a bit long and ideally I wish it was available in the Petite range but I will make it work. I got an array of easy to wear t-shirts and tops just because that’s what I like to throw on most days really! And after a wardrobe clear-out I wasn’t left with that many t-shirts. I’m trying to buy clothing made from better quality materials now so I always check labels and avoid polyester as much as I can and look for cotton. I also got a dark grey pair of Leigh jeans, which used to be my favourites before they were overtaken by the Jamie style but now I think they’re my favourites again. The Jamie style just sucks my tummy in a bit too much and I hate that so I feel like Leigh jeans give my belly more room 🙂 .

Have a lovely Sunday,

Love Nicole xxx

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New in my Wardrobe: ASOS Haul

Another haul for you today, but this time it’s a fashion one! Again, I needed (ahem, wanted) to use my 20% birthday discount for ASOS so I added some of the many things in my ‘Saved for Later’ collection to my basket and checked out. I also had a £10 off ASOS A-List voucher which was amazing. ❤ I absolutely love that ASOS do a loyalty scheme now! Finally some reward for all the money I spend with them. 😉

Here’s what I bought and didn’t end up sending back…

ASOS PETITE Midi Column in Sweat Stripe – £30

ASOS PETITE Metallic Pleat Skirt - SilverASOS Sleeveless Ruffle Front Animal Jacquard Shift Dress - MultiASOS T-Shirt with Cutabout Print and Stripe - MultiLimited Edition Multirow Triangle Chain NecklacePepe Jeans Donna Striped Tee - RedOhh Deer Geo Marble A4ish Pad - MultiI absolutely love the pink-ish leopard print dress; I have no idea when or where I’ll wear it but I just couldn’t send it back! I’m selling quite a lot of my clothes on eBay at the moment so I feel like I’m allowed a few more ‘going out’ pieces. My style has changed quite a bit in terms of night-time outfits. The stripy column dress is not the most flattering I’ll admit, but it’s so comfortable and I hope I’ll get my wear out of it once it’s warm enough for bare legs.

I got all these pieces in a size 8 or a small, apart from the pleated silver skirt. I initally got it in an 8 but I sent it back and exchanged for a 10 as I wanted it to be super comfortable as I’d ideally like to wear this in the daytime as well as night. The 8 was just a bit too tight around the waistband, it looked great, but I just like my belly having some room to breathe haha xD.

I hope you like the things I picked!

Love Nicole xxxx

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Gift Ideas for Her – £20 and under

I’ve not really been in the frame of mind for blogging with worrying about everything else in life. Blogging brings about it’s own stresses when it comes to thinking of ideas and getting frustrated with the awful Winter lighting when it comes to planning photographs. But I thought I’d ease myself back in with a little gift inspiration! I’ve mostly done all my Christmas shopping (I certainly made the most of the Black Friday weekend) but as usual it’s the men in my life causing me problems – Dads are so difficult to buy for! I’m sure he’ll just end up with chocolate and socks like every other year.

But when it comes to the women in your life – friends, sisters, mums – there’s so much fun to be had deciding upon the perfect gift! I’ve come up with a selection of affordable gifts that will hopefully give you some inspiration if you’ve still got shopping left to do. They are mostly beauty/fashion related I’ll be honest as that’s what I love myself. And things like books are amazing gifts but are very down to personal taste.


Top Row

Ohh Deer Stone A4ish Notebook (£3.99) | Black Patent Quilted Bow Cardholder (£9.99)  | Sanctuary Spa Black Rose & Cassis Candle (£10) | Pixi Best of Bright Kit (£20)

Middle Row

Becca Moonstone Glow on the Go Collection (£20) | Sleek Solstice Highlighter palette (£9.99) | Urban Decay First Hit Travel Kit (£15) | Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Party Eyes (£20)

Bottom Row

ASOS Metallic Metal Lock Quilted Cross Body Bag (£15) | Pack of 3 Yankee Christmas Votive (£4) | Black Quilted Badge Shoulder Bag (£19.99) | Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette (£18)

I think the above would all make lovely gifts for anyone with an interest in beauty or fashion, especially if they’re into YouTube or blogging themselves! 🙂 I can’t remember who’s lovely blog I read this on, but the Sanctuary Black Rose and Cassis candle smells just like Diptyque’s Baies candle! I couldn’t believe it when I smelt it and just had to buy one for myself.

Love Nicole xxx

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