Recent Purchases from ASOS and Zara

Today I’m sharing some recent purchases from Zara and ASOS. I personally think there are some amazing pieces in this haul that I am so happy with and had been stalking for a while until my size came back in stock!

Pimkie Animal Pattern Coat £57.99

This leopard print coat that I bought from ASOS by the brand Pimkie is amazing! I absolutely love all things leopard print (here is a collation of gorgeous leopard print goodness) but I think with an item of clothing like a coat, which is a substantial bit of fabric, it’s super important that the print is just right in order to make it wearable (for me, anyway). This one nails it in my opinion; it’s a very dark brown/black based leopard print which tones down the brashness of the print and makes it something very easy to chuck on! The quality is also gorgeous and the price point is brilliant compared to many other similar leopard print coats I’ve seen on ASOS and Topshop for example. I am really loving Pimkie on ASOS, they have some beautiful pieces and are priced very affordably!

ASOS T-Shirt In Stripe With Contrast Trim £12

Striped t-shirts are a wardrobe stable of mine and I absolutely love this one! I just love the colour combination with the white trim round the collar. I sized down in this and ordered a size 6 and it fits exactly how I would want, so if you prefer things a bit more fitted I would recommend sizing down.

asos Pimkie All Over Lace Long Sleeve Top - Black.jpg
Pimkie All Over Lace Long Sleeve Top £18.99

Another beautiful piece from Pimkie, again the quality is excellent. I am envisaging wearing this similarly to the model, with a black bra underneath and with some leather effect trousers/leggings and some high heels. I think that would be an ideal outfit for an evening out for drinks or a meal this festive season.

Mango Ribbed Side Knitted Roll Neck jumper £15.99

This jumper from Mango on ASOS was just what I was looking for! I was looking to expand my collection of roll/turtle neck jumpers for Autumn/Winter as I think they look so sophisticated yet are very easy to wear and style. They also make great layering pieces for more put together outfits. This one was a fantastic price and good quality so I’ll definitely be picking it up in black also, once it comes back into stock (hopefully it does)!

ASOS Wide Leg Pleated Plisse Trousers with Raw Hem in Mink £25

I frickin love pleated/plisse trousers! They’re very comfortable and can be dressed up or down so easily. These ones are unfortunately too long for me, I hope ASOS do some in future exactly like this in a range of colours but in their Petite range. However, I have still decided to keep these and am going to chop about 3 inches off the bottom to make them more flattering for my legs and height. Hopefully I won’t ruin them in the process… It can’t be that difficult right?!

Turtle Neck Sweater in Light Grey £19.99

I have kept this sweater from Zara however I just wanted to say that I do not recommend them! I cut the tag off too hastily so it was too late for me to send back when I discovered holes were already present on the sleeves and around the neck. I did buy the black version of this too which I sent back as it was far too tight around the neck! It doesn’t make sense as they are supposedly exactly the same template but this Light Grey one has a much looser and more comfortable neck than the black one did. The sleeve cuffs are also a bit strange and too tight for my liking also. I will carry on wearing this of course (it does feel nice and soft) but I don’t think it’ll take too many washes for the holes to get worse… Not very impressed. The Mango one I mentioned earlier is much nicer as well as being less expensive!

I appreciate upon writing this that a few of the items are currently out of stock, however I strongly recommend bookmarking anything you really would like to buy and checking back every day. This is what I did for the Pimkie items on ASOS. Stuff does come in and out of stock as people return things so keep your eyes open! 😉

Love Nicole xxxx

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My High Heels Collection

Since my teenage years I have always really loved the look of high heels, however since then my tastes have changed dramatically and while I still love heels, I will no longer buy ones that are horrendously painful just because they look amazing They have to be reasonably comfortable and where possible I will buy ‘wide fit’ to save my little toes from the horrendous blisters they are prone to. Having this mindset also helps me save money, as well as keeping my feet happy (not that I get the chance to wear heels often)! Any shoes that make my feet cry are currently being put on or have been sold on eBay – bye-bye, you will hurt me no more!

I thought I would share my remaining collection with you today and link the ones that are still currently available. 🙂 I hope you enjoy having a nosey into my shoe-drobe. If you like this post you might also like to take a look at My Boots Collection!

Miss Selfridge Embroidered Chiara Sandal in Grey
Old, from Office. (similar)
Dune London Cliopatra Studded T-Bar Court Shoe
ASOS HERON Wide Fit Velvet Heeled Sandals
Old, from Dune London
Old, from Next
Old, from Dune London
ASO Pacific Wide Fit Lace Up Heels
Old, from H&M
ASOS ONLY ONCE Leather Heeled Shoes
Old, from River Island
Topshop Dupe Heeled Sandal

Which is your favourite from my collection? Thank you so much for reading. ❤

Love Nicole xxxx

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My Boots Collection

As it’s now Autumn and Winter will be upon us in no time I thought I’d share all the boots I currently own! Boots are the Winter footwear of choice (although trainers are always a winner too) so it felt like a good time to show them, as well as being good for me to see what I already own so I know what I can add to the collection this year. 😉

Of course most of these boots are old from past years so it’s unlikely they’ll still be available but I’ll try my best to find something similar. Most of these are casual but there are a couple of pairs that I would probably reserve for dressier occasions.

My newest pair of boots so still available from Topshop (£70)
A well loved pair from Office last year. (Similar £42, similar £53)
Probably my most worn pair of boots, from Office (£78) last year, which apparently they’ve brought back with a higher price tag… I would not have paid £78… They are fab though.
These were from Topshop and the style was called ‘AMBUSH’ and they were majorly inspired by the Acne Pistol boots. Not worn these much and yet they look a bit worse for wear! (Similar £80)
These were from Topshop and they have some similar ones available here (£39)
These were from New Look
These were from Office. (Very similar £95)
These I got from TK Maxx and are from the brand London Rebel (similar £95)
These were from H&M years ago and are moccasin style. Not worn these much!
Old moccasin style boots from Primark, barely worn these either but they’re very comfortable (similar £39.99 or similar £49.99)
These cuties were from Zara

So there we have it. All the boots I own. I don’t wear all of them enough tbh so I’ll try and wear them more this Winter, and if I don’t I guess I might as well get rid of some next Spring. I would like to add a new pair of flat black boots, something classy and smart but comfortable. I also really would love a leopard print pair, I’m eyeing up these from Next (£60) and might ask for them for Christmas or my birthday. 🙂

Love Nicole xxxx

Blogging every day in October! (Or trying to)

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My Personal & Blog Instagram – Follow Me on Both (if you want)

Just a quick post today to say I think it’d be great if you were to follow me on Instagram 🙂 I have my blog Instagram linked up on this website however I do not have any signpost for my personal Instagram which you might also want to follow. On that one I post day to day things I’ve seen or am doing that is not beauty/fashion related so does not fit on my ‘blog’ Instagram. I have two so as not to spam people I know in real life who follow me with pictures of makeup and clothes hahah, which many of them would probably not be interested in. Not that I post 5 times a day or anything, I’d just rather separate my blog ‘hobby’ from more general things. I love being able to just post whatever on my personal one and it not feel out of place! 🙂 It’d basically just give you more idea of who I am and what I’m doing.

Personal account – @nikkibayz

Blog account – @nicolelauraxo

Also, if you’re a cat lover, you might enjoy the account me and my sister set up featuring my cat, Princess, and her cat, Milly. That one is @MillyandPrincess.

Follow my personal account – @nikkibayz
My blog account – @nicolelauraxo

Thank you if you do follow all, or any, of my accounts and please feel free to leave your Instagram handle below in the comments and I will take a look 😀

Love Nicole xxxxx

Blogging every day in October! (Or trying to)

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My Signature Jewellery

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty low key when it comes to jewellery. I love it, but I don’t change it up very much or buy jewellery very often. I like having quality, reliable pieces that I can wear whatever the outfit, whatever the occasion. Just like you might have a signature scent, I have signature jewellery. If I’m wearing something other than my silver Tiffany pendant then you know some serious outfit planning has happened because usually another necklace doesn’t even come into consideration. I received it from my grandparents for my 18th birthday.

The other piece lives on my wrist permanently and I received it for my 21st birthday from my parents. 🙂 I don’t know if a watch technically counts as ‘jewellery’ but for the sake of this post, it does. It is from Olivia Burton and I still love it so much. It never clashes with anything and it’s just so pretty and classy. I would love to build up a watch collection as I literally wear this one every day, but that could get expensive and this one does perfectly anyway. If I’m not wearing it for some reason there will be countless times I lift my arm and glance at my wrist only to realise doh, it’s not there. Yes, I am a definite ‘watch person’ now.


If I don’t wear either of these things now I almost feel semi-naked! Like I said, I’m forever looking at my wrist for the watch and I also grab the pendant around my neck and run it along the chain. It’s like a comfort thing, something to do with my hands. So I feel very lost without them!

I don’t wear rings and I’ve never had my ears pierced so I guess I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to jewellery! I would like a nice bracelet though, they’re more up my alley. I did have one that I wore all the time like these two but it broke. 😥

Do you have ‘signature jewellery’?

Love Nicole xxxx

Blogging every day in October! (Or trying to)

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