Best Bikini Ever?

The weather has been lovely where I am today, and whilst it’s still not exactly bikini weather, it does get you in the mood for when the time comes. I happened to FINALLY find one I felt happy in a couple of days ago.

 I seem to be extremely picky when it comes to bikinis, this new one is actually the only one I own at the moment! I really think they’re something you have to try on in store. I couldn’t purchase one online, it’d be too risky with my preferences and sizing.  With a bikini, for me, it’s as much to do with how I feel in one as it is about how I look in it. If I don’t feel comfortable in it, what really is the point?
I’m pretty self-conscious about being in public semi-naked, as I’m sure are the majority of people! Bikini’s have always scared me a bit. I want to look good, but I also don’t like the idea of drawing attention to myself… So a bright multi-colour bikini was a strange choice from me, but I really love it that much! I think what I like about it (as well as it being frickin beautiful) is that the top is flattering. I wanted a bikini with a bit of support and lift so I feel feminine and not flattened, but not so padded that my boobies are massive and garner loads of unwanted attention!  This does that and gives me lift and definition, but not TOO much.
This wonderful creation is from Boux Avenue, and the top costs £25 and the bottoms £15 (but they do student discount hoorah!) I found this pretty pricey for a bikini, but for the way I felt in it, it was worth it. I’ve tried lots of bikinis on lately and nothing has come close. Another good thing is that Boux Avenue’s swimwear is sold in bra sizes, which for me is essential for a good fit. I’m not brave enough to model it, but please see the model wearing it here.
The ladies working in the store were lovely, and advised me on what size to get as I was apparently completely wrong! I got a quick bra fitting done and was very surprised by the results, but this 100% helped me get a better fitting bikini. If you’re going to splash out on one, I thoroughly recommend having a little chat with someone, they were so helpful in the Southampton store.
Now I basically have to book a holiday so I can wear this, it’s the rules right?! 🙂