Noughty Haircare: Care Taker Scalp Soothing Shampoo and To the Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner

Noughty are a cool brand that are cruelty free, 97% natural and don’t use parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates or silicones. I bought these two to try when Superdrug had an offer on. I like to buy shampoos that have some kind of benefit for the scalp as I am very prone to itchy scalp and sometimes dandruff. I think this may be because I like to go 4-5 days between hair washes and use a fair amount of dry shampoo to get me from wash to wash.

For conditioner, I like something really nourishing and hydrating, usually aimed at dry or damaged hair. My hair is actually in good condition but I want to make sure it stays that way so I like to go for these kind of products anyway!

noughty care taker scalp soothing shampoo to the rescue moisture conditioner

The Care Taker Shampoo (£6.99) is aimed at sensitive and dandruff prone hair and scalps. It’s nice enough to use, it has a pleasant scent and was very gentle. It’s hard to say for sure if it did or didn’t do anything but it’s not a bad product. I tried shampooing twice and then on the second time leaving it on my hair for a few minutes before rinsing to allow it to do something and I think this was the best way to reap any benefits. I think this did slightly improve the itchiness of my scalp in the following days.

The conditioner I tried was the To the Rescue conditioner (6.99) which claims to rescue dry, frizzy and damaged hair. This again, was a nice product which did the job of conditioning my hair and making it feel and look healthy. It’s not the most nourished or hydrated my hair has ever felt but then this doesn’t contain any silicones that can help give you that superficial feeling. So when I think about it like that, this does a great job at making my hair feel lovely and I know it actually is feeling genuinely lovely and I’m not being fooled by silicone.

I’ll admit I was not wowed by these products, but then when it comes to haircare I’m rarely ever wowed! My hair is its natural colour having never been dyed and I don’t use too much heat on it, just a hair dryer and a bit of straightening of the front bits, so it’s not exactly high maintenance. I would definitely consider buying these again and trying other products from Noughty.

Love Nicole xxxx

Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate Shea Butter Hair Mask Review

This is a hair mask from the brand Maui Moisture that is aimed at dry and/or damaged hair. At full price it costs £8.99 and it is available in Boots and Superdrug. The tub is a really great size at 350g which is bigger than most bottles of hair conditioner.

Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate Shea Butter Hair Mask review conditioner (2)

The formula is thick and creamy and a little goes a long way which means that it actually took me quite a while to finish, which is unusual as I seem to get through conditioner/hair masks so quickly! It has some excellent ingredients like aloe vera juice, shea butter, coconut oil and macadamia oil. It smells amazing too, like fruity coconut.

I spread it on the lengths and ends of damp hair, only briefly wiping the excess on my hands over the roots. I leave it on as long as possible, ideally at least 3 minutes, and then rinse it off. The result is lovely, shiny, healthy-looking hair that looks nourished and feels sleek and soft to touch. It leaves behind some scent but this fades fairly quickly. On the tub it says that it can also be used as a leave in treatment but I have not tried this.

This is the first Maui Moisture product I’ve tried and I really like it! It turned out to provide excellent value, smell gorgeous and leave my hair in great condition. I will definitely be trying more from Maui Moisture!

Love Nicole xxxx

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Today I wanted to share some amazing and affordable hair-care finds! I first found these products on the shelves of Sainsbury’s and thought at £4 each they were worth a try. I already loved the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Lotion and had tried and liked a hand cream from them in this coconut oil formula.

palmer's coconut oil formula conditioning shampoo repairing conditioner review

I’m not one to generally get too excited by hair-care as I’m not experimental with my hair at all, but this stuff (particularly the conditioner) I was quite wowed by!

The conditioner is a beautiful, thick and creamy formula which feels so rich and nourishing. It smells very nice but is not overly coconutty which means it’s fine if you don’t really like the smell of coconut. I never used to like the smell but since trying out coconut products because of hearing how good they were for your hair and skin I seem to have gotten over that and I quite like it now! I’ve even become more partial to food with coconut in, I digress. In brief, the conditioner is amazing, lovely to use and does a wonderful job conditioning my hair. I have already repurchased it and will do so again and again.

The shampoo comes in a fantastic 400ml size bottle meaning it is going to last me a very long time – don’t you find too that you get through about five bottles of conditioner for every one of shampoo? I know I do. Like the conditioner, it’s a thick and creamy formula and won’t dry out your hair. It’s also sulfate free, along with being free of lots of other undesirable ingredients. It does what you need a shampoo to do and lathers up nicely. I have trouble with an itchy scalp and it didn’t really help with that so I’m not sure I would buy it again because I’d like to use something that can help alleviate that, however, if you don’t have itchy scalp troubles then it’s a lovely shampoo!

Overall, I am so impressed by Palmer’s hair-care offerings and will definitely try other things from them.

Love Nicole xxxx

Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray

This Texturising Hair Spray is the first and only product I’ve tried so far from Ouai, the brand created by Kardashian’s hair stylist, Jen Atkin. At full price, it is £22.

ouai texturising hair spray

Firstly, I must mention how much I like the branding and packaging, it’s pretty and minimalist and very photo-friendly.

One of my main problems with my hair is flatness because of how straight and heavy it is. I was hoping a product like this could create some texture, volume and give it some tousled waviness that looked effortless and in fact required minimal effort. Unfortunately I didn’t find it did much at all.

It gave some grip and texture, which is especially appreciated on freshly washed hair, but nothing much more than I can get from a Batiste dry shampoo. I tried spraying it on my hair with my head flipped upside down hoping for volume but any volume was short-lived. I tried scrunching it a bit but my hair stayed as straight as ever. I always used it on dry hair which I think is what you’re supposed to do rather than on wet or damp hair…

The positives of this product are that it has a nice scent: fresh, luxurious and not like your typical hair spray. Also, it never ruined my hair after use because its light, fine mist doesn’t leave any residue or heaviness, meaning you can brush through your hair and not feel like your hair needs a wash! As someone who likes to go 4-5 days between hair washes this is important.

Priced at £22 I don’t really think this is worth the money. Having said that, I still did like it and would possibly buy it again as a treat. But really, I can get the same effect from a trusty can of Batiste. The upper hand this has on Batiste is that it is so light and leaves no residue. For me though, that’s not worth the extra £20!

Love Nicole xxxx

Amazing Shampoo For Dry/Itchy Scalp – Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo

It may not be very hot or glamorous to admit but I am quite prone to an itchy scalp and a case of dandruff. At least, I was until I started using this Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo! It has not given me complete immunity but I definitely think it has helped to improve my scalp condition and itchiness. I’m now onto my second bottle!

When I was looking for a shampoo I was looking out for formulas aimed at dry/itchy scalps, that weren’t drying and that didn’t contain SLS. This fit the bill so I went for it and I struck gold! It does everything I wanted and is so gentle and smells great. When I bought my first bottle I was just sat sniffing it every few minutes – I can’t really describe it but I think it smells very spa-like! I feel like my scalp is inevitably going to get a bit itchy between washes considering I wash my hair every 4-5 days, which is quite a while, however I do think this has dramatically reduced the feelings of itchiness and has made my scalp a lot happier. The product itself is a pale blue colour and lathers up nicely – I personally find that one wash is enough and I don’t need to repeat. The bottle lasted me ages as it’s a very generous size compared to the standard 200/250ml.

If you’d like to read more about my hair care routine I did a post on it a while ago which you can read here. Some of the products may have changed but the general routine is still the same.

I bought this product from Look Fantastic (£8.50) where you can often get a 15-20% discount. 😉

Love Nicole xxxx

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