Recent Purchases from ASOS and Zara

Today I’m sharing some recent purchases from Zara and ASOS. I personally think there are some amazing pieces in this haul that I am so happy with and had been stalking for a while until my size came back in stock!

Pimkie Animal Pattern Coat £57.99

This leopard print coat that I bought from ASOS by the brand Pimkie is amazing! I absolutely love all things leopard print (here is a collation of gorgeous leopard print goodness) but I think with an item of clothing like a coat, which is a substantial bit of fabric, it’s super important that the print is just right in order to make it wearable (for me, anyway). This one nails it in my opinion; it’s a very dark brown/black based leopard print which tones down the brashness of the print and makes it something very easy to chuck on! The quality is also gorgeous and the price point is brilliant compared to many other similar leopard print coats I’ve seen on ASOS and Topshop for example. I am really loving Pimkie on ASOS, they have some beautiful pieces and are priced very affordably!

ASOS T-Shirt In Stripe With Contrast Trim £12

Striped t-shirts are a wardrobe stable of mine and I absolutely love this one! I just love the colour combination with the white trim round the collar. I sized down in this and ordered a size 6 and it fits exactly how I would want, so if you prefer things a bit more fitted I would recommend sizing down.

asos Pimkie All Over Lace Long Sleeve Top - Black.jpg
Pimkie All Over Lace Long Sleeve Top £18.99

Another beautiful piece from Pimkie, again the quality is excellent. I am envisaging wearing this similarly to the model, with a black bra underneath and with some leather effect trousers/leggings and some high heels. I think that would be an ideal outfit for an evening out for drinks or a meal this festive season.

Mango Ribbed Side Knitted Roll Neck jumper £15.99

This jumper from Mango on ASOS was just what I was looking for! I was looking to expand my collection of roll/turtle neck jumpers for Autumn/Winter as I think they look so sophisticated yet are very easy to wear and style. They also make great layering pieces for more put together outfits. This one was a fantastic price and good quality so I’ll definitely be picking it up in black also, once it comes back into stock (hopefully it does)!

ASOS Wide Leg Pleated Plisse Trousers with Raw Hem in Mink £25

I frickin love pleated/plisse trousers! They’re very comfortable and can be dressed up or down so easily. These ones are unfortunately too long for me, I hope ASOS do some in future exactly like this in a range of colours but in their Petite range. However, I have still decided to keep these and am going to chop about 3 inches off the bottom to make them more flattering for my legs and height. Hopefully I won’t ruin them in the process… It can’t be that difficult right?!

Turtle Neck Sweater in Light Grey £19.99

I have kept this sweater from Zara however I just wanted to say that I do not recommend them! I cut the tag off too hastily so it was too late for me to send back when I discovered holes were already present on the sleeves and around the neck. I did buy the black version of this too which I sent back as it was far too tight around the neck! It doesn’t make sense as they are supposedly exactly the same template but this Light Grey one has a much looser and more comfortable neck than the black one did. The sleeve cuffs are also a bit strange and too tight for my liking also. I will carry on wearing this of course (it does feel nice and soft) but I don’t think it’ll take too many washes for the holes to get worse… Not very impressed. The Mango one I mentioned earlier is much nicer as well as being less expensive!

I appreciate upon writing this that a few of the items are currently out of stock, however I strongly recommend bookmarking anything you really would like to buy and checking back every day. This is what I did for the Pimkie items on ASOS. Stuff does come in and out of stock as people return things so keep your eyes open! 😉

Love Nicole xxxx

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Ending Blogtober with a Beauty Haul!

I’ve made it to the end of October and have managed to get a post up every day bar three, which I’m very satisfied with! Having the time and ideas to blog about something everyday is quite a feat and respect to those who do it every day, all year long! If you’d like to catch up on all my Blogtober posts then you can do so here. 🙂

Anyway, onto the haul. I’d actually gotten through most of October with very minimal spending. I think I bought some things at the start of the month and then when it got into the last week of the month my addiction was kicking in and I needed some deliveries to my door. Beauty Bay released a discount code and I knew it was time. Here’s what I got.


I got one of the Milani Baked Blushes in Dolce Pink. These are so pretty! The gold packaging is cute and the pigmentation is insane. You have to be very careful not to put too much on, literally just a dab in the pan with a brush is enough.

After seeing so many positive reviews I also got a foundation from Milani – the Milani Conceal and Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer. I’m always really wary of buying foundation online and despite obviously looking at swatches the shade I bought – 03 Light Beige – is not quite the right shade for me. The lighter shade 01 was not in stock so my options were limited. 03 Light Beige is just a little bit too dark for me and it’s slightly too yellow toned despite the description saying it was for “light skin with neutral undertones”. Notwithstanding the shade issues, the foundation does seem to give good coverage and last all day. I might buy some of The Body Shop’s shade adjusting drops to use with this and see if that improves the shade match. Has anyone tried them and if so, are they any good?

The only skincare item I bought was the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater. I love a good face spray but I don’t like spending a lot of money of them so this one seemed like a nice one to try out!

I also bought another Beauty Blender just so I’ve got one in stock for when my current one gets too manky. Another beauty tool I got was the ZOEVA Rose Golden Vol.2 317 Wing Liner Brush. I already have this brush but in the black and rose gold colour scheme and I love it; it’s such a good shape. I use that one for brow pomade but I wanted to get another one to use for eyeshadow and liner.

Lastly, I finally got a Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick after toying with buying one for so long. I went for the shade ‘Skinny Dip’ and it is gorgeous and I’m so glad I finally bought one! I’ve only worn it twice so far but so far I love the formula; it’s not drying at all and is creamy and pigmented with good lasting power. So pretty much everything you could want from a liquid lipstick. The packaging is cute also, gotta love anything in frosted glass.

That’s everything! Now Blogtober’s over I’ll be back to my usual routine and just posting as and when I can, but hopefully that’ll be at least once a week.

Love Nicole xxxx

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New in my Wardrobe: ASOS Haul

Autumn is now upon us and Winter will be here in no time so I of course like to use this as an excuse to do some shopping on ASOS. Like I need an excuse lol. This collection has amounted from 3 separate ASOS orders over the past couple of months. An exciting and beautiful buy I did make with a specific occasion in mind was a dress for Graduation Day! I absolutely adore the one I have chosen. It’s by New Look via ASOS and is from their premium range.

New Look Premium Lace Skater Dress £39.99
ASOS Butterfly Badge Shoulder Bag £30
J.D.Y High Neck Knit Jumper with Stitch Detail £18
ASOS Leather Look Leggings with Elastic Slim Waist £22
Mi-Pac Exclusive Rose Gold Top Stars Backpack £21.99
ASOS PETITE Ditsy Mix & Match Midi Cami Dress £21 (ON SALE)
Pimkie Lace Detail Sleeveless Shirt £21.99
ASOS Pleated Mini Skirt in Velvet £30
ASOS Multirow Choker Triangle Necklace £8
ASOS Ultimate Chunky Cardigan £28
ASOS HERON Wide Fit Heeled Sandals £35
Glamorous Petite Striped Culottes £24.50 (ON SALE)
theBalm Mad Lash Mascara £15
ASOS Jumper In Rib With Crew Neck £18

Oh what beautiful newness! I am imagining styling the cami midi dress over the top of the grey rib jumper ❤ And I can’t wait to whack out the velvet goodness at festive events. Have any of these pieces I’ve bought particularly taken your fancy? 🙂

Love Nicole xxxx

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New In My Wardrobe from ASOS & Topshop

I’ve accumulated some new fashion pieces once again from my two favourites: ASOS and Topshop ❤ Happy hauling…

ASOS Topshop
Nude Frilled Cold Shoulder Top £16
ASOS Topshop-001
DUPE Heeled Sandal in True Leopard £29
ASOS Topshop1
Quay Australia My Girl Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses with Pink Lenses £30
PETITE Pleat Awkward Trouser £32
ASOS Topshop-002
ASOS Vest In Bright Stripe With Tipping £12
ASOS Topshop1-001
ASOS High Waisted Jersey Shorts with Lace Hem £18


My vibe at the moment is definitely simple, neutral and comfortable. I used to live in jeans but have lately been very much straying away from all but my most comfortable pairs and instead opting for stretchy waists or dresses that allow my stomach to be freeeeeee!

I absolutely love the black pleat trousers from Topshop and am desperately hoping they come back in stock in the Nude colour as I’ve got so much wear out of the black pair already. They’re kind of a statement in themselves whilst also being pretty low key and going with lots of tops.

Every time I post a ‘New in’ I stress at the realisation of how many new things I buy… But I just love clothes so much 😦 Creating the ‘perfect wardrobe’ seems to be an endless goal, I suppose our tastes and trends are always changing so we never feel fulfilled. Well, I sure don’t. Saying that though I am quite happy with my current wardrobe. My plan for going back to basics and only choosing comfortable, more timeless, quality pieces seems to be working so far. I want to still be wearing these things in years to come, even as trends change!

Love Nicole xxxx

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New In My Wardrobe: from ASOS

Another ASOS order was placed not long after I returned from my holiday. I will not pretend to have a reason or excuse, I just love getting an ASOS parcel through the door; it brightens my day! However, one thing that encouraged me was I had two £5 vouchers I could use that I received via the new ASOS loyalty scheme “ASOS A-List“. I am SO happy they decided to create a loyalty scheme! As a loyal customer anyway, this is such an amazing ‘reward’ to now gain every time I place an order. They are literally my go-to. Amazing delivery and returns policy, student discount which is often boosted to 20% off and the most incredible range of fashion and beauty. I am such an ASOS fangirl.

Anyway, on to what I bought in my latest order.

New In Asos-002
ASOS Lace Insert Slip Cami Top £25
New In Asos-003
ASOS The Ultimate Vest in Grey £5
New In Asos-004
ASOS FERGUS Cross Strap Leather Sandals £22
New In Asos-001
ASOS Sleeveless Top with Contrast Tie in Ponte £18
New In Asos
ASOS Ankle Grazer Cigarette Trousers in Crepe ON SALE NOW £14

I love the little pink top, although it is a lot more pink than the picture suggests on the ASOS website which makes it appear a pale pink! It’s definitely brighter, leaning towards a peachy pink. It had been in my ‘Save for Later’ for months so with the ASOS A-List vouchers in my mind I thought I’d finally buy it and see what it was like. I’m very happy I did because it’s adorable. I modelled it here on my Instagram. 😉 And the grey vest top is just an essential basic piece isn’t it really?

I’d had my eye on the white sandals months and months ago but never bought them. Then recently Sammi commented they were the comfiest sandals she’d ever worn or something along those lines so that just made me go for it and she’s so right! ❤ They are VERY comfortable and look great too. A bargain purchase.

The last two pieces I got with workwear in mind… The trousers are a nice fit although a bit baggier around the ankle than I would ideally like. The little white top is lovely, it’s quite weighty and I would definitely wear it casually too.

I’m hoping to post a photo diary of my holiday next so make sure you’re following me if you want to see what Kefalonia, Greece is like 🙂

Love Nicole xxxx

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