The Body Shop Banana Body Care Range

I was SO SO excited when I saw this range teased on The Body Shop’s Instagram page. It took what felt like forever for it to finally become available on the UK site but when it did I was straight on there placing an order. I just love banana everything, to taste and to smell. The Body Shop already had a banana hair care range (which is beautiful) but in this summer launch they released a body butter, body yogurt and shower cream.

In the rest of the post I’m quoting the full price of these products, however, The Body Shop are always running some kind of discount so you’ll never have to actually pay the full price.

the body shop banana shower cream body butter body yogurt yoghurt review (2)the body shop banana shower cream body butter body yogurt yoghurt review

The shower cream costs £6 for a 250ml bottle. It smells glorious (as does the whole range) and it lathers up beautifully without feeling drying on the skin. I mean, all shower gels do the job of washing your body, so the main thing that makes me pick a body wash product is the scent, and this is a scent I love.

The banana body butter costs £15 for a 200ml tub or you can get a mini 50ml tub for £6. This stuff is so thick and creamy and wonderful to use. It’s super nourishing and hydrating. It can be slightly greasy and take a while to sink in so it’s more one for the evening before bed than the morning. If you want something that sinks in more quickly then that leads me beautifully onto the next product…

The body yogurt costs £8.50 for a 200ml tub and is a formula that has been out in various other scents for a while. I’d not really been interested in it because I thought it probably wouldn’t be that hydrating and I’m a body butter gal at heart. However, when I saw they’d released a banana one I thought I might as well try it as I knew I’d adore the scent. I have been very pleasantly surprised with this formula; it’s pretty amazing! It’s a cool gel-like consistency that is cooling and fun to apply and sinks in super quickly without leaving behind any slipperiness that’s going to prevent you from getting dressed. It can be applied straight from the shower on damp skin or just on dry skin. Despite being super lightweight I do believe it gives hydration and helps to keep my skin in good condition.

I LOVE this range so much and I really hope it becomes permanent! On the website it’s described as ‘special edition’ which I’m hoping is just referring to the packaging rather than it being a limited edition range… I’d be sad if I was not able to repurchase these products!

Love Nicole xxxx

Jordana Complete Cover Maximum Coverage 2 In 1 Concealer & Foundation

The first product I’ve ever tried from the brand Jordana, this is their Complete Cover 2 in 1 Concealer and Foundation. It costs a very affordable £5 for a 30ml tube and is available from Beauty Bay.

The consistency is very thick and creamy and when applied it has a tackiness to it. I went for shade 01 Fair Beige, which is supposed to be for ‘fair skin with yellow undertone’ and it definitely has a very yellow undertone! It does look a bit ‘off’ on me but I can just about make it work.

jordana complete cover maximum coverage 2 in 1 concealer and foundation reviewjordana complete cover maximum coverage 2 in 1 concealer and foundation review swatch 01 fair beige (2)

From the name and the consistency, I was of course expecting immediate full coverage. However, this was not the case. It actually required quite a lot of building up to achieve full coverage as my redness and blemishes were still showing through after the first layer. It is also quite streaky so is definitely best applied diligently with a damp beauty sponge. With perseverance though, a near full coverage can be achieved.

With this coverage though comes a very heavy and very made up look. It is not subtle or remotely natural looking, especially true for me with this shade which, when built up to full coverage, looks very yellow/orange! The finish leans more towards matte but it is not flat or powdery. Unfortunately, I found that it settled into my pores which is a major downside for me.

With wear throughout the day, I found this foundation caked up and went patchy in areas. It did stay on my face for the most part, although it broke up in the normal oily areas like the forehead and chin and it almost completely came off the tip of my nose (I have normal skin but obviously I do still get oiliness in the T-Zone as the day goes on). I also suspect some further oxidisation resulting in an even more orange appearance!

As you can probably gather from this review, I’m not too impressed with this foundation. It may be cheap but if it’s not good then it doesn’t matter how cheap it is. It’s not absolutely terrible and for a few hours wear with a lighter hand, it can do okay. However, it’s not a product I would buy again or recommend.

Love Nicole xxxx

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder

This pressed powder from Soap and Glory is available from Boots for £12. I bought this on a bit of a whim in store as I just really needed a pressed powder, and actually, I was really impressed.

soap and glory kick ass instant retouch pressed powder review (2)soap and glory kick ass instant retouch pressed powder review (3)soap and glory kick ass instant retouch pressed powder review

The packaging is good and has a good size mirror inside. In the pan, the powder leans yellow in tone which doesn’t translate strongly on the skin, however I do think it adds some brightness.

I found this sets my makeup really well and keeps it in acceptable condition all day with no need to touch up! It doesn’t break up in an ugly way when any oils start coming through. By the end of the day, I’d be slightly shiny but nothing that bothered me or made me think “omg I’m a mess”. This is great for me as I am really not one who can be bothered with touching up throughout the day!

On application, it sets everything down and mattifies without looking cakey or overly powdery. When I have used it later on in the day to touch up, say if I’m going out again later in the day or evening, it brings any shine down and perfects and refreshes my skin and makeup, again, without any cakey-ness.

I’m glad this rather impulsive purchase paid off and I discovered a pretty great powder available on the high street.

Love Nicole xxxx

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Review (Fair 1)

If you haven’t already tried Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer, then you really need to. It currently retails for £4.19 so is very affordable and it happens to be a brilliant and reliable concealer.

collection lasting perfection concealer fair 1 ultimate wear 16 hour reviewcollection lasting perfection concealer fair 1 review swatch

It is a liquid concealer and comes in a 6.5ml tube with a doe foot applicator. The formula is a creamy liquid, neither too fluid or thick. It is very easy to blend and a high coverage can be achieved.

Under the eyes, I find it performs really well and lasts all day. After applying and blending it (always with a Beauty Blender), I let it crease in the lines underneath my eyes. I then press my ring finger in the areas it has creased to melt them away. Doing this reduces creasing that would have happened otherwise throughout the day. I do this with all my concealers and it helps a lot to prevent creasing. I don’t set underneath my eyes with powder because I think it looks awful and it really ages me! If anything, I think powder just accentuates concealer creasing when it does happen. This concealer lasts really well without being set so honestly, you don’t need the powder!

The only real negative to this concealer is that it has a very poor shade range. Considering the success Collection have had with this concealer and how popular it is, I’m surprised they haven’t capitalised and introduced a wider and more inclusive range of shades.

If you can find a shade in this range, then I definitely recommend trying this concealer. I’ve re-purchased this countless times and will continue to do so. It’s a concealer I know I can trust and rely on.

Love Nicole xxxx

NYX Slide On Pencil Lip Liners | Nude Suede Shoes and Sugar Glass

nyx cosmetics slide on glide on lip liner nude suede shoes sugar glass review

nyx cosmetics slide on glide on lip liner nude suede shoes sugar glass review swatch
Left: Nude Suede Shoes // Right: Sugar Glass

These ‘Slide On’ lip pencils from NYX come is a fantastic range of shades and cost £6 each. I have two shades, one is called ‘Nude Suede Shoes’ and the other called ‘Sugar Glass’. Both of these are nude shades, with ‘Nude Suede Shoes’ leaning more pink and ‘Sugar Glass’ more peach. They are a pencil that requires sharpening and thankfully they sharpen really well.

The formula is absolutely brilliant as it’s so soft and easy to apply as there is no pulling or tugging of the lips. It literally does ‘slide on’. They are a matte finish and make your lips look even, perfected and plumped. They slide over all the lines of your lips and don’t settle in them.

They stay put really well and are long lasting and I do believe they extends the wear of any lip products you put on top. They claim to be waterproof which is true up to an extent as they do last while drinking, but if you’re drinking lots they will eventually fade away.

I absolutely love these lip pencils and at such a great price they are definitely something I will repurchase again.

Love Nicole xxxx