Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop

This highlighter from Becca was originally created in collaboration with YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill. It costs £32 for the (8g) full size, however, you can now buy it in a mini (2.5g) for £15! Champagne Pop is a soft gold with a pinky peach undertone and it is a beautiful shade that can flatter so many skin tones!

becca cosmetics shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighter champagne pop reviewbecca cosmetics shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighter champagne pop review (5)becca cosmetics shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighter champagne pop review swatch

The formula is lovely and smooth and there isn’t too much kick back when you pick it up with a brush, despite it being a very fine pressed powder. I suppose it is an intense highlight, but you can make it more subtle if you want by being very delicate and not picking up too much product. It’s not glittery at all, instead being about sheen and having a metallic quality. It catches the light so prettily and doesn’t sit on the skin like a ‘stripe’ of highlight.

I can’t say I’ve ever measured how long it stays visible on my face but I’ve never had any problem with it transferring or slipping around.

What else is there to say about a highlighter really? It’s very pretty, looks lovely on the face and there’s no deal breakers with the formula. If you like the look of the shade then I say go for it!

Love Nicole xxxx

Glossier Boy Brow (Brown) Review

Boy Brow is a brow product from Glossier that costs £14. The brand describe it as their “all in one brow fluffer, filler and shaper”. It has a teeny tiny brush that is the perfect size for brows (even the not so bushy). I’m not typically one for these brow gel type products as my brows generally stay in place well, however, I heard so much hype about this product on YouTube that I wanted to try it anyway.

I chose to get the ‘Brown’ one but it also comes in clear, blonde and black. It has a nice amount of colour to it that still looks super natural.

glossier boy brow brown review

glossier boy brow brown review (4)

I found it very easy to apply due the great size brush and the texture is lovely. It’s described as a creamy wax formula and it is. It holds the brow hair in place really well without feeling crispy. I can feel a heaviness on my brows initially but after a while I forget it’s there.

Once applied, the result is a well groomed but natural look. It gives some colour and thickens the brow hair which helps a bit if you have sparse patches. I think this product would be amazing to use on it’s own as your sole brow product if you don’t wear much makeup, especially eye makeup, and go for a very natural look.

For me right now, it’s not enough to use on its own. I wear quite a lot of eye makeup (eye liner and lots of mascara) so if I just use this my brows get lost and don’t frame my face well enough. I need more definition and more accurate filling in of sparseness. I use a NYX Micro Brow Pencil day-to-day to fill in my brows and when I use Boy Brow on top I don’t find it makes much difference whether I use it or not. If you have very wayward brows that go scruffy and all over the place this product might be really great, however, with my brows staying in place well on their own, Boy Brow isn’t really something I need in my routine.

I was hoping this might give me amazing brows on its own and would do so with super quick application. Unfortunately, it didn’t give me the definition I feel I need. However, if you’re a natural makeup guy or gal and often go about your everyday life with just some mascara and a lip balm, this might be amazing for you and give your brows a bit of extra fleek.

Love Nicole xxxx

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Mineral Foundation | Fair Ivory 02

bare minerals original mineral foundation fair ivory 02 review

I don’t know about you, but when I think of mineral makeup I immediately think of Bare Minerals. Their Original foundation contains a physical SPF 15, comes in 30 shades and currently has an RRP of £27. I chose the shade Fair Ivory which turned out to be a lot more orange than I was expecting! I’m by no means the palest of people so I was shocked that this second lightest shade was so orange, so this is something to be aware of if you’re pale/fair skinned and thinking of trying this. In hindsight, maybe shade 01 or 03 would have been a better tone for me.

The pot comes with an in-built lockable sifter which is helpful for reducing the mess a loose powder can make, although, at times I have found it difficult to twist! I tip some in the lid and then use a brush to apply it to my face. I’ve found the Spectrum B01 (£8.99) brush really great at applying this. The great thing with mineral foundations is they’re so quick and easy to apply and offer buildable coverage. I can quickly build this up to a good medium coverage.

bare minerals original mineral foundation fair ivory 02 review (2)

The finish is natural looking and has a pretty sheen to it. It gives a healthy glow to your face for sure! This is nice at first, however, I do find I gradually get more and more shiny as time goes on – and I don’t even have oily skin! This also doesn’t do my huge cheek and nose pores any favours… For me, it’s definitely a foundation I’d need to powder on top of throughout the day to reduce the shine, which is not something I like having to do; especially with a powder foundation. Maybe using a setting powder straight after application is the way to go but that just seems like a lot of powder? I know they do a matte version of this foundation so maybe that would be better? I don’t like being completely matte though so I’m not sure I’m personally interested in trying that.

Having said all that, other powder products, like bronzer and blush, blend nicely on top. It also doesn’t feel dry or dehydrating on the skin. I like the bonus of having some extra SPF in my foundation and especially when this comes in physical/mineral form.

When first applied the foundation does look really lovely and gives a healthy glow. It’s easy to apply and offers a good level of coverage. How quickly it gets really shiny is a big negative for me though. This is not a cheap product and I just don’t trust it to stay looking good throughout the day. I wouldn’t completely write off purchasing this again (maybe the matte one) in future though as it is handy for when you want natural makeup days or want to apply something in a hurry.

Love Nicole xxxx



COOLA Mineral Sunscreen Cucumber Matte Finish SPF 30

I am on a quest to try out as many mineral/physical face SPF’s as possible, within reason. If they’re over about £35 then I’ll pass. In fact, this one from COOLA costs £36 from Cult Beauty (it’s available for less on other sites) and I only bought it because they had a 15% discount at the time. I’d heard some positive things about this brand so I wanted to try it out.

coola mineral face spf 30 moisturizer moisturiser cucumber matte finish suncreen sunblock natural protection review


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