Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow Extreme 6%

I’ve recently finished a bottle of this Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow Extreme from Nip+Fab. It is priced at a rather hefty £19.95 for 100ml but this is not what I paid for it. I think I got it for less than £10. Superdrug seems to be the best place for getting Nip+Fab products at great discounts, or, on the Nip+Fab website they sometimes have amazing limited time deals too.

nip and fab glycolic fix tonic liquid glow extreme 6% review

I am a huge fan of Nip+Fab’s Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Cleansing Pads so when I saw this for a good price I thought I’d give it a try! I used this product day and night and it lasted longer than I thought actually considering it is only a 100ml bottle. It must’ve lasted at least two months as you only need to use a small amount each time as it’s a high strength formula and a little goes a long way. Unlike the Glossier Solution, this formulation is much more ‘wet’ feeling so it went further as it distributed over my skin easily on a cotton pad.

It has a orangey/citrus smell to it, similar to the Nip+Fab Extreme Night Pads. I personally quite like the scent! The formula contains 6% glycolic acid as well as allantoin, niacinamide, lactic acid, salicylic acid and sodium hyaluronate. Quite the cocktail! And there’s no alcohol in it either.

My skin’s been a bit temperamental over the past couple of months and I’ve had some super stubborn spots and breakouts. I’m inclined to blame hormones and stress and definitely wouldn’t put it down to this product. If anything, I know that products like this hugely help me to prevent breakouts and clear them up when they do happen. As I’m writing this my skin is, touch wood, in pretty good condition and I think this product has played its part (along with others)!

I found this product very pleasant to use and I do think it helped to keep my skin in good condition. It is something I would consider buying again but only if it was on some kind of offer or discount. I think £19.95 for a 100ml bottle is too much. I still slightly prefer Nip+Fab’s pad products over this but that’s largely because I love the convenience of them being a pre-soaked pad.

Love Nicole xxxx

The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter

The Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm is a powder highlighter that is currently priced at an RRP of £20, although with a quick google and by using discount codes you definitely don’t need to pay full price for this product.

the balm mary-lou manizer highlighter reviewthe balm mary-lou manizer highlighter review (3)the balm mary-lou manizer highlighter review swatch

Firstly, the packaging of the product is gorgeous. I love the kind of vintage/retro/pin-up girl vibe that comes from having this badass ‘Mary-Lou’ character on the compact. It’s definitely one of the most cutely packaged highlighters I own.

Fortunately, the product itself lives up to all the high hopes you have from such a prettily packaged product. The colour of the highlight is a pale, honey gold which I think can be flattering on a huge range of skin tones. On my skin tone, the colour blends in nicely so it can be fairly subtle but then it gives off this beautiful metallic sheen that catches the light. The formula is not too powdery or chalky and it blends easily. It had a small amount of glitter to it but it’s not chunky. The main effect it gives is just the wonderful pale golden sheen. You can wear it quite minimally or you can build it up to be very intense.

If you’re looking for a highlighter in this sort of shade I don’t think you’d regret trying this one. It’s a lovely product and one I would recommend.

Love Nicole xxxx

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

This mascara from Too Faced has a price of £19 and is available from various retailers in the UK like Cult Beauty, ASOS and Debenhams. This is a bit of a splurge for a mascara, so is it worth it?

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ReviewToo Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review (2)too faced better than sex mascara_cropped

The packaging of this mascara is gorgeous. It’s a chunky and substantial pink tube with embossed writing and has quite a bit of weight to it. The brush is awesome. It’s a bristle brush in a hourglass shape. It’s pretty big and, admittedly, I do sometimes make a bit of a mess when applying it but once you’re adjusted to it it’s fine. The fact it’s a rather large brush means you see results really quickly and it’s easy to build up.

I love the effect this mascara gives! It gives beautifully full, thick and fluttery lashes. I love how it sets off my eyes and completely enhances them. It feels light on the lashes and lasts perfectly all day with no smudging.

It’s quite a dry, moussey formula which I think is partly why I like it so much (I always like mascaras more once they’ve dried out), however, this does have the side effect that the formula dries out quickly so a tube doesn’t last for as long as you might hope for £19.

I absolutely love what this mascara does and I like to treat myself to it every now and then. The price stops me buying this frequently though! Especially considering it dries out quite quickly.

Love Nicole xxxx

No7 Radiant Results Purifying Clay Cleanser Review

I love trying new affordable cleansers and this one is from No7 and is available at Boots for £9.50. I was intrigued to try this one as it is a clay cleanser and there aren’t many affordable high street brands offering clay cleansers.

no7 purifying clay cleanser review (2)

I used this cleanser as a second cleanse and morning cleanse, rather than a first cleanse to remove makeup (can I say cleanse any more times?) as I prefer others formulas for that job. It should be applied with wet hands or on a slightly damp face, otherwise there’s no slip to glide over the skin. I found it to have quite a harsh feeling to it, giving my face a slight sting. It’s not painful and I’ve had no bad reaction, it just doesn’t feel pleasant to use!

I think it cleansed my skin pretty well and left it feeling refreshed and purified when washed off, but I can’t credit it with any of its claims such as reducing shine or pore size.

I was disappointed with this product as I thought it sounded like it had the potential to be good but I really didn’t like the formula. It really doesn’t feel gentle on my skin and therefore I didn’t enjoy using it.

Love Nicole xxxx

GOSH Growth ‘The Secret of Longer Lashes’ Mascara

This mascara from GOSH costs £9.49 and is most easily available in the UK from Superdrug. I thought I’d try this as I loved the idea of a mascara helping my lashes to grow, which is what this mascara claims to do. It contains something called SymPeptide® XLash which is supposedly proven to have a visible effect on the length and thickness of lashes.

GOSH growth mascara reviewGOSH growth mascara review (2)gosh growth mascara review (3)_cropped

The reviews on Superdrug’s website for this are actually really great but I can’t count myself as a fan… Firstly, I didn’t love the brush and found it a bit uncomfortable to use. It’s a rubber one and I prefer bristles but that’s not a deal breaker if the mascara still looks great on the lashes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like what this mascara did for my lashes. I like to pack on the mascara and I tend to do loads of layers. This mascara is not good if you like to do that as it’s a very dry formula and dries quickly and I ended up with very clumpy lashes. I don’t mind a bit of clump but I found it so hard to achieve enough separation. This admittedly was after the mascara had dried out a bit but even when it was still fresh I wasn’t impressed with the effect.

As for giving length and volume, it was very underwhelming. The colour is good and very black but it did nothing special and I didn’t feel anywhere near my best when wearing this mascara.

Regarding the claims that it will help your lashes to grow, I didn’t notice any difference with regular use. I’ve used it up and I wouldn’t credit it with any improvement to length or volume of my bare lashes.

GOSH make so many different mascaras I’m hoping I just picked a dud as the first one to try from the range. Have you tried any good products that you’d recommend from GOSH? I think it’s a cool brand and, of course, I love that they are cruelty free.

Love Nicole xxxx