Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

I was intrigued by this Conceal and Define Concealer (£4) from Revolution as it was quite obvious they were trying to sell it as a cheap alternative to Tarte’s Shape Tape, which is a concealer I’m yet to try.

makeup revolution london conceal and define full coverage concealer contour review c3

When I first tried this, I really liked it. So much so, I went and purchased three more tubes of it straight away. However, I realised that this concealer actually doesn’t offer the best value as I got through tubes so quickly. I think it contains 3.4ml of product? I’ve finished and recycled my last tube so I can’t double check. This is quite a lot less than usual for a concealer.

The packaging is very pretty with the rose gold lid. It has a doe foot applicator that is slightly larger than is typical for concealers, such as the one in Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer.

It is available on their own website in 25 shades and it’s also available from Superdrug but I think they only sell 18 of the shades. The range of shades looks pretty broad and it’s rare to see such a wide range in a high street/drugstore concealer. The shade I bought is C3 which is for fair skin with pink undertone and it is pretty much my skin colour! Ideally, I’d like a shade more brightening for the under eye area so maybe in future I should try C1.

makeup revolution london conceal and define full coverage concealer contour review c3 swatch (2)

The formula is thick and creamy and blends nicely. It looks very intensely pigmented when you first swipe it on. I always use a beauty blender to blend my concealer which stops things looking cakey but does take away some of the coverage, therefore I usually do a couple of layers under my eyes. It gives a good medium/high coverage; I wouldn’t say full coverage but then again I don’t think anything can completely hide my under eye circles ha. I did find it settled in lines under my eyes quite quickly but that’s sorted with a bit of melting with your ring finger. The finish is fairly matte but not powdery.

I found it lasted well throughout the day but the coverage did fade faster than other affordable concealers that I like.

I did like this concealer and it is something I would buy again but I would prefer it to come in a bigger tube! I get through concealer quickly anyway but this was just ridiculously quick.

Love Nicole xxxx

Eye Contour Serum from Garden Of Wisdom for Victoria Health

I was starting to notice more lines around my eyes which I was obviously not happy about! I had been made aware of the Garden of Wisdom range on Victoria Health by a video Nadine Baggott did on her YouTube channel. When I looked at the website I saw this Eye Contour Serum (£18) which contained lots of impressive ingredients so thought I would give it a try.

It is a multi-peptide eye serum which aims to help reduce bags under eyes, dark circles around the eye contours, fine lines, wrinkles and creases around eyes, as well as puffy eyes. Pretty impressive right? Have a look on the website for a breakdown of the key ingredients and their effects.

garden of wisdom gow victoria health eye contour serum review

The bottle is 30ml which is brilliant for an eye product as it’s going to last ages as you only use a tiny bit each time. It comes with a pump which you only have to press down the tiniest bit to get the perfect amount. Never push down the whole way as you’d get way too much out and it would be wasted! It’s great that the pump is controllable in this way.

The formula itself is a water based serum and feels how you assume serums will feel. It’s beautifully refreshing to apply and sinks in fairly quickly but not too quickly that you can’t distribute it around the eye area. I tend to put a bit on each of my ring fingers and then do one eye at a time, dabbing until it sinks in.

I use it within my morning and evening routine and can confirm makeup goes on top very well.

As for the effects I’ve experienced from using this for the past 11 weeks, I do think there is some improvement. My eye area is definitely far more hydrated and the dryness I was experiencing on the outer corners has cleared up. I also think the lines underneath are slightly less prominent and I hope this is something that continues to improve. I haven’t noticed a change to my dark circles.

I am a big fan of this serum. I find it so lovely to use and it has some proven-to-be-effective ingredients so I’m confident that it’s doing some good, whether it’s obvious or not. It’s also going to last a good amount of time so the £18 purchase price should deliver very good value. I highly recommend!

Love Nicole xxxx

Barry M All Night Long Concealer in Oatmeal

I can’t recall ever trying a face or base product from Barry M before but when I saw this concealer I was very interested! I love trying out budget concealers. This one costs £4.49 and comes in a 5ml tube with a small doe foot applicator.

barry m all night long full coverage concealer oatmeal review

barry m all night long full coverage concealer oatmeal review swatch (3)

The packaging is very similar to Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer and it is also the same in that the black writing on the tube rubs off gradually with use. This doesn’t really bother me, however, on one occasion the black transferred quite badly onto my hands and I ended up smearing it on my face… Not ideal. I do try to remember to check it hasn’t got on my hands now before I touch my face!

I really like this concealer and have bought it multiple times! I wouldn’t say it gives full coverage but it’s definitely a high-medium. It brightens and conceals my under eye circles and doesn’t crease badly. After applying I use the warmth of my finger to gently press my under eye to melt away any creases that may have formed. The formula is creamy but not thick and it blends easily.

It sets nicely and whilst you can tell you’re wearing makeup, it doesn’t look heavy or cakey. I find it lasts very well and I trust it to last me all day and to fade gracefully when it does start to gradually wear off. I never set my under eyes with powder FYI.

It works well around the rest of the face at concealing any redness or blemishes. I have the colour Oatmeal which is the second lightest shade. The lightest shade Milk looks very light so would be ideal if you’re very pale! There are six shades in total which isn’t the best range and could be improved as there’s only one dark-ish shade.

I was so impressed with this little concealer – such a great affordable gem! It makes me think maybe I should try some other Barry M base products. Have you tried any that you’d recommend?

Love Nicole xxxx

The Body Shop Banana Body Care Range

I was SO SO excited when I saw this range teased on The Body Shop’s Instagram page. It took what felt like forever for it to finally become available on the UK site but when it did I was straight on there placing an order. I just love banana everything, to taste and to smell. The Body Shop already had a banana hair care range (which is beautiful) but in this summer launch they released a body butter, body yogurt and shower cream.

In the rest of the post I’m quoting the full price of these products, however, The Body Shop are always running some kind of discount so you’ll never have to actually pay the full price.

the body shop banana shower cream body butter body yogurt yoghurt review (2)the body shop banana shower cream body butter body yogurt yoghurt review

The shower cream costs £6 for a 250ml bottle. It smells glorious (as does the whole range) and it lathers up beautifully without feeling drying on the skin. I mean, all shower gels do the job of washing your body, so the main thing that makes me pick a body wash product is the scent, and this is a scent I love.

The banana body butter costs £15 for a 200ml tub or you can get a mini 50ml tub for £6. This stuff is so thick and creamy and wonderful to use. It’s super nourishing and hydrating. It can be slightly greasy and take a while to sink in so it’s more one for the evening before bed than the morning. If you want something that sinks in more quickly then that leads me beautifully onto the next product…

The body yogurt costs £8.50 for a 200ml tub and is a formula that has been out in various other scents for a while. I’d not really been interested in it because I thought it probably wouldn’t be that hydrating and I’m a body butter gal at heart. However, when I saw they’d released a banana one I thought I might as well try it as I knew I’d adore the scent. I have been very pleasantly surprised with this formula; it’s pretty amazing! It’s a cool gel-like consistency that is cooling and fun to apply and sinks in super quickly without leaving behind any slipperiness that’s going to prevent you from getting dressed. It can be applied straight from the shower on damp skin or just on dry skin. Despite being super lightweight I do believe it gives hydration and helps to keep my skin in good condition.

I LOVE this range so much and I really hope it becomes permanent! On the website it’s described as ‘special edition’ which I’m hoping is just referring to the packaging rather than it being a limited edition range… I’d be sad if I was not able to repurchase these products!

Love Nicole xxxx

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Fire Crystal and Lightning Dust

These Fenty Beauty highlighter duos cost £26 and are available from Harvey Nichols in the UK. The shades in the duo I have are called Fire Crystal and Lightning Dust. The compact they come in is octagonal and white and if you look at it in the light it actually shines a holographic/iridescent sparkle which is a nice touch! There is a mirror inside.

These duos come in four different variations and I think the idea with all of them is that there is a more subtle ‘daytime’ highlighter and a more intense ‘evening’ highlighter. Of course, you can where either whenever you damn want ;).

fenty beauty killawatt freestyle highlighter duo lightning dust fire crystal review (5)

fenty beauty killawatt freestyle highlighter duo lightning dust fire crystal review swatch (3)

fenty beauty killawatt freestyle highlighter duo lightning dust fire crystal review

fenty beauty killawatt freestyle highlighter duo lightning dust fire crystal review (3)

In this duo, Lightning Dust is the subtle one and Fire Crystal is the intense one. However, I honestly don’t find Fire Crystal that intense and Lightning Dust is very, very subtle. That’s not to say they are bad but if you’re looking for an intense or buildable highlighter, this duo probably isn’t one to go for. Lightning Dust gives a very soft sheen to the skin so is ideal for if you really don’t want obvious highlight. It is also a super creamy formula considering it is actually a powder; this can make it hard to pick up with a brush. Fire Crystal translates differently in different lights; sometimes it looks peachy, other times white gold or pinky. It does have some glitter in it which does get left behind as it wears off. It’s definitely more intense that Lightning Dust but it still has a subtlety to it so that it doesn’t look super obvious or made-up on the skin.

I find these highlighters can rub away into nothingness quite easily, possibly due to the creaminess of the formula. I don’t find it to be a very long lasting formula but with highlighters I don’t personally mind if it doesn’t last all day.

I was surprised how subtle this duo was and, despite having it for a year now, I’m still not really decided on how I feel about it. I don’t reach for it often and doubt I would buy it again though so make of that what you will. It’s very pretty but I think I prefer something that packs more of a punch. If you like your highlighter very subtle though or don’t wear much makeup you might love this. I need to make more conscious effort to use it and maybe I might change my mind and decide I love it one day!

If you’d like to read what I thought of the Fenty Beauty Soft Matte Foundation click here.

Love Nicole xxxx