Empties with Mini Reviews #1

FINALLY got round to taking pictures of my empties bag which has been accumulating for a period longer than is probably healthy. But they can now be binned 🙂 I’ve split it up into different categories as there is quite a lot of stuff.
The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Butter
Would I buy again? Yes
This is a limited edition body butter that came out for Christmas, and I was given this in a gift set from my brother. It smells beautiful and is so nice to use. The set came with other products like a shower gel and body polish which I still have left to use, so I’ll still be able to enjoy this wonderful scent. Definitely worth looking out for again at Christmas time.
Would I buy again? No, not unless heavily discounted (I sometimes see the brand in TK Maxx for cheaper)
Apparently this RRP’s at £19.99, which is just crazy. I got it when it was £9.99 as I was feeling spendy and wondered if it could help out my dimply thighs ready for summer. It is a very good moisturiser, I’d wake up the morning after using it and my legs would just feel incredibly smooth, but I never noticed any improvement in firmness. But as an intense moisturiser it is lovely.
Would I buy again? Yes 
Mmmm I love this smell. It is almost sickly sweet, but I love sweet stuff, probably won’t be for everyone though. It makes your legs smell like cakes. I would say the Dr Ceuticals one above is actually more moisturising than this one, but for the smell and how fun it is to use I’d buy this again.
Would I buy again? Yes
Soap and Glory do it again with another amazing scent. Lovely body wash, lathers up wonderfully and of course smells incredible. Big bottle lasts for ages, I was kind of happy when I finished this as I’d had it so long, but I may buy again in future.
Would I buy again? Yes
This stuff was brilliant! I hate getting my haircut and was putting it off for ages, I bought this in the hope it would do something for my split ends and damaged hair and I really felt I noticed a difference. Probably the best hair serum I’ve used this far in terms of repairing.
Would I buy again? No, probably not
I’m not very loyal with my shampoos and conditioners, I will generally buy whatever’s on offer/cheapest and I like trying new ones. I generally go for middle range ones like LOreal, Aussie, OGX, John Freida etc. This conditoner wasn’t really anything special though, didn’t notice any difference in particular.
Would I buy again? Yes, already have
I won’t be without heat defence spray now, since I first started heat styling in my teenage years, I got into the habit of always spraying my hair with this product after washing it and before heat styling. I find the TRESemme offering a generous size and hence I keep going back to it. I generally snap it up when it’s on offer in supermarkets (it’s often £2.50 in Asda).
Dove Intensive Repair Regenerating Mask
Would I buy again? No
I got this in Savers ages ago when I was trying to delay my haircut. I don’t have much to say on it, it conditioned but again, nothing special.
Would I buy again? Maybe
I’ve repurchased this a few times in the past, it’s a nice product and I think it did make a slight difference to my spot prone skin… But really it’s just not hydrating enough for me and I’d like to test out other moisturisers, but it is one I’d probably come back to.
Would I buy again? No
In short, this did not defend against any blemishes. I had high hopes and bought this when I had one of the £5 off No7 vouchers, but it did nothing. Noticed no difference when I stopped using it, same amount of spots as usual, so it has not been missed.
Would I buy again? Possibly… But not any time soon
I was very excited to try this much hyped cleanser after it became quite the cult product, but I must admit I was underwhelmed. It’s pleasant to use, nice, fresh, clean, natural smell, and the creamy formula is nice. One pump would rub into my skin so quickly though, I feel like I could easily have used two each time. I’d heard it has cleared spots for some people, but I didn’t notice any difference. Won’t rush to buy again.
Would I buy again? No, especially not after the price hike from £17 to £22.50
Hmmm I really wanted to love this, but it just didn’t do enough for me and I didn’t miss it once I’d finished it all. It was nice to apply to the skin, it felt cooling and gave a burst of hydration. But I don’t feel this lasted for a prolonged period, nevermind the 48 hours claimed.
Would I buy again? No
Again, this wasn’t anything miraculous. I wouldn’t wake up and my face be visibly clear. Sudocrem I find more effective!
Would I buy again? Yes, yes, yes. I need a new one, but it’s never in stock in stores. May need to order online.
I get this in the lightest shade ‘Fair’ as I find it has a nice brightening effect under my eyes. I also use it on spots and redness. It really is a great, thick, high coverage concealer that lasts.
Would I buy again? No
I wasn’t a massive fan of this from the first use. I’d used it years ago when it was packaged differently, possibly the formula has changed since then too. The colour match wasn’t great for me (I got Vanille) and I didn’t find the coverage enough for me, I like pretty full coverage and I still felt the need for concealer on my mildly scarred cheeks when using this foundation. Wasn’t blown away with the wear time either, I’d come home from work after wearing it all day and wasn’t greeted with the nicest complexion in the mirror.
Would I buy again? NO
I found this crap to be honest, rubbish coverage on under eye. It’s such a thin, watery consistency, it just doesn’t cover. It may brighten and highlight slightly, but there are much better concealers for coverage which is what I generally value most.
Pheww that was a long one. I’ll try not to let them mount up that much again, that was a bit intense and tedious to write xD More manageable Empties posts in future!
Best wishes,

Soap and Glory – Feel Good Factor Review

I am a BIG fan of Soap and Glory products, and I slowly hope to work my way through trying all of them! I love the branding concept, packaging, fragrances, the actual products and that they’re British! I am quite weirdly patriotic… I don’t know if that is actually weird, but I feel it is, especially amongst the young people I know! A lot of their products say they’re made in the UK, and that automatically makes me want to like it and want to buy it more, because I’m like “yeah, that’s some British jobs involved in making these wonderful products!” Anyway… Enough of the economy.
Feel Good Factor – Boots

Product description

“Feel Good Factor is a silky smooth, light, brightening, colourless BB cream that’s loaded with skin-rejuvenating moisturisers, and also has weightless SPF25 UVA/UVB screens to help fend off wrinkles, sun damage, and pigmentation. Featuring Soap & Glory’s exclusive UV-activated SUNTRIGGER; antioxidant technology, it’s that perfect ‘everything you need’ cream.
  • Ultra-lite UVA/UVB SPF25 screens
  • A booster, serum, moisturiser, primer, skin-tone evener, and sunblock in one
  • Brightening and mattifying with a weightless finish
  • Protects against ageing effects of the sun
  • Perfectly balanced for all skin types”
I can’t remember exactly why I bought this product. I was either looking for a primer product, or for a product with SPF in it. It’s marketed as a translucent BB cream; a multi-purpose “primer, moisturiser and UV-protector”.
I do like using this. I first started using it on top of my other moisturiser because of the priming and SPF properties, but when I ran out of that I used this on it’s own before I bought a new moisturiser and it actually did the job perfectly on its own! I think I have an assumption of a BB cream being tinted and going on top of your daily moisturiser, but being transparent this one is basically just a nice moisturiser with SPF! It offers no coverage so I would never wear it on its own but it is a nice base for makeup once you let it sink in for a few minutes. However it’s not the best primer in that it doesn’t blur pores or anything like that. It contains that magical ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, but also, after a quick check of the ingredients, has Parfum (fragrance) in it which I know causes problems for some sensitive skinned people. No problems for me though, no breakouts caused by it either! I have spots somewhere on my face 24/7 regardless, boo.
I think this product is a very nice one to choose if you’re looking for a creamy day moisturiser suitable as a makeup base with a good SPF, which I am very hot on now (no pun intended). I make sure that I’m wearing some everyday whether that be in my moisturiser or foundation! It’s a good habit to get into while you’re young.
I’ll enjoy using this up as a moisturiser over summer, but I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase once its empty, mainly as I love trying new things, but also as I’m always on the hunt for a miracle moisturiser with blemish preventing properties to transform me to the perfect natural complexion. One can only hope. Probably doesn’t help that cake and chocolate is about 75% of my diet lately…