Top 5 International Destinations Wishlist

I haven’t posted in a while due to currently being in the midst of my final year exams! Things are pretty stressful at the moment but I’ve completed 2 out of 3 of my exams, so the end is in sight. After that I won’t know what to do with myself!

I’m led here not doing anything remotely productive towards studying for that last exam, so I thought I might as well be semi-productive and try to create a blog post. I previously did a Top 5 European Destinations Wishlist so I thought I’d do an International one outside of Europe. I haven’t really thought much about what the 5 will be so I better have a little think about this… Three are quite easy though.

1. New York

NYC is just iconic isn’t it. And I think I’d love it. I love cities and architecture and New York is just the ultimate city to visit IMO. A lot of the romanticism also comes from the many tv shows and films that have been set there and being able to walk the streets as if I’m in Gossip Girl is just goals.

2. South Africa

By South Africa I mainly mean to go on a safari/wildlife orientated trip, but it’d be cool to be able to see the cities too. But I am just such a wildlife lover, there’s not much I get more excited about than a new David Attenborough documentary – what a legend. It’d just be the most amazing experience to see animals truly in the wild and I can only imagine how beautiful the country is. When I saw Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman’s honeymoon photos it completely cemented any desire to go there.

3. The Maldives

I mean come on, this is hardly an obscure choice if you read any beauty/fashion blogs or watch any YouTubers. Along with Santorini it seems like they’ve all been going there over the past couple of years! It undeniably looks incredible though; a real paradise location. I don’t think I could stay here for weeks as I’d probably get a bit bored, unless there’s lots more to do than I am imagining there is! The dream would be to stay in one of the little huts over the sea ❤ Absolute paradise. The relaxation would be unreal. Having said all this I am not 100% committed to the Maldives for this type of escape; Seychelles, Bahamas or Tahiti would do too… 😛

4. Canada

I don’t know exactly where in Canada BUT what I envisage is somewhere mountainous and foresty where I could see some moose, with snow on the mountain tops and crystal blue lakes surrounded by greenery, or autumn leaves depending on the time of year 😉 And maybe a whale watching trip thrown in there because I would LOVE to see some whales irl.

5. Disneyworld, Florida

This is probably more one for the far off future, as much as I would love to go in any circumstances, I think it’s probably somewhere you need kids to take… So maybe if I’m ever lucky enough to have children I’d LOVE to take them and live my childhood dreams along with them lol. I love Disney and it was such a big part of my childhood, many happy memories watching Disney films and I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland Paris when I was younger. But I know this place would be like that on steroids, Americans don’t do anything by halves! I imagine it is simply magical and what wonderful memories you could make there.

I don’t know how interesting that was for anyone to read but it really got me thinking lol. I couldn’t think of a definite 5th one… I was toying with Hawaii, Australia & New Zealand, I’d love to go to them too! But then I remembered Disney and how amazing it would be to go there in my lifetime 🙂

Love Nicole xxxx

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Top 5 European Destinations Wishlist

By some people’s standards these days, I am not the most well travelled person, but I absolutely love exploring new places! So I do hope in the coming years I can see lots of new countries and cities and beautifully jaw-dropping scenery! I have yet to venture outside of Europe, there are definitely many corners of this world I want to see, but there are also still so many places I want to see within Europe. I think European destinations are also very realistic places for me as they are well within reach and it will not cost an arm and a leg for me to get anywhere.
I recently went to Barcelona (blog post on that here), and have previously been with my family to Paris, Majorca, Turkey and Cyprus.

Here are my Top 5 Places I would most like to visit within Europe in future!

Images all taken from Google Images and are not my own.

1. Italy – Rome and Florence

Italy is my number one place I want to visit. I just think architecturally and historically I will absolutely love it! Architecture and stunning scenery are probably the two things that most grab me when thinking about holidays. As much as I love the sunshine, I couldn’t go on consecutive beach holidays as I feel there’s so much more than that! Plus I get bored after lying around for a few days. Excitingly, me and my boyfriend are planning on booking a September trip to Rome and Florence within the next few weeks! So this member of the wishlist may be ticked off already by September, so exciting!

2. Greek Islands

If I were to go on a beach holiday, I would definitely be choosing to go to one of the Greek Islands! They look absolutely stunning. There are so many choices, Kefalonia, Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, Zante… I don’t know which I’d choose, but with that beautiful crystal blue sea lapping against every shore, I think it’s a safe bet you’d have a blissful holiday.

3. Norway

Norway takes my fancy because of a few things. Firstly, those spectacular views of the Northern Lights! I bet experiencing them in the flesh is absolutely incredible. Secondly, the stunning scenery with thousands of lakes and mountains. And thirdly, because I am curious as to what it’s like there in terms of a general atmosphere; it’s often high up on lists of happiness and best countries in the world to live, so I would love to see what that’s about!

4. Prague

I am very partial to a city break. I love them and don’t go on enough. Just exploring and wandering the streets, soaking up the atmosphere and dining out in lovely restaurants! What could be better and more fulfilling. Prague looks like a beautiful city with wonderful Gothic architecture I would love to see up close.

5. Paris, again

I really struggled with this last spot. There’s a ton of other places I’d like to go, BUT, I just loved Paris so much that I think I would choose to go there again ahead of some other new places. It is a truly beautiful city, I spent a week there with my family when I was 16 which was amazing, but despite that I know there are loads more bits of it to be enjoyed.
Other places that nearly made it into my top 5 were Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Budapest and the Algarve of Portugal. Maybe it should’ve been a top 10! But that would be totally out of reach… Let’s start small.
Where would you most like to visit in Europe?


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