Topshop Nails – Tidal

So I purchased my first Topshop nail varnish a few weeks ago! And I’ve worn it a few times already. The colour range they stock is INCREDIBLE, so I am a bit surprised I haven’t tried one sooner… My self restraint does shock, and satisfy, me sometimes.
They’ve brought out some pieces in a rose gold version of their cute packaging in celebration of the 5 year anniversary of Topshop Beauty. So it is quite possible this may coerce me into a purchase… Why are girls such suckers for packaging, we’re ridiculous lol.
I’m hoping it’s just the current lighting on my laptop, but the pictures seem to be showing the colour as more muted than it is. You can definitely tell it’s a pale blue, but in the right light you can see the greyish undertone. Cute colour.
I have to say I wasn’t too impressed with the formula. On first application it was very streaky, a second was enough for some nails, but I did have to do three on some and I HATE having to do that. Aint got time for that. But now they’re all done and I successfully avoided any smudges (yay) they are looking lovely, and very blue in this sunlight… I swear it’s changed overnight lol. I wanted bluey grey!
But anyway, I know formulation can change from colour to colour even, so I haven’t written off trying more Topshop Nails, I mean, that colour range though! Hopefully some of the other’s formulas will be better!

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Not what I might usually write about, but I’ve been so involved in the upcoming election this year as I’m working in a council’s elections team as part of my work placement (for a sandwich degree), that I’ve been so immersed in the whole process and I really feel that everyone that is registered to vote in this election should do so! It’s been everywhere for months, you cannot get away from it when you put the TV on, so I would hope most people have a basic idea of who’s who and of their preferences.
What to do
Go along to your polling station on Thursday, (if you don’t know where it is you can phone up your council and ask or maybe just ask next door if they know where it is) tell the staff your name and address and if you’re registered they will give you your ballot paper and off you go to the little booth to vote. It’s very simple.
Young people really need to start taking more of an interest and bothering to vote, even just to show that you will use that power and therefore the politicians should be trying to win you over when they propose new policies, so in that respect you could vote for anyone. Or spoil the ballot paper if you really have no preference. Just make sure that ballot paper counts for something! Get involved.
I was happy to see a quick video from one of my old faves Jimmy0010 telling people to vote. DO IT PEOPLE 🙂 It’s an event, it’s exciting, it’s for the next five years! Probably, maybe.

H&M, Primark, New Look, Zara Haul Goodies

A pretty standard thing for me to do on a day off when I have no plans is to go shopping, of course! Days off are expensive… BUT once again, I am convincing myself that it was all justified and that I picked up some good stuff that’ll get lots of wear!

Let’s start with Primark.

 I tend to avoid Primark shoes as I have a perception of them not being the most comfortable or most well made, but I do like to have a look at what they have in there. I saw these two beauties, tried them on and just couldn’t leave them behind. They both fit me really well actually and weren’t uncomfortable! They’re such nice designs and so cheap that is doesn’t really matter if they don’t last years. The lace ups are very very similar to the lovely Office multi straps. I’ve seen the New Look take on them kicking about the internet, and tried them on in store and as with all New Look shoes, I found them horribly uncomfortable, New Look shoes just do not fit me – 5’s are a bit too small, 6’s too big! And besides I really dislike the gold detailing they decided to put on them. Primark wins!

Lovely little bag, it’s a good size, fits my tablet in there too! A cream and black bag like this will just go with everything. Primark’s bags impress me a lot.

Exciting purchase here! And that’s genuine. I love these! I do get a bit excited about being able to organise and store things in pretty ways. Storage is fun. Primark are the cheapest place I’ve found to buy non-slip hangers like this, I can’t remember the exact price but they were under £3 on sale for 10 of them. Bargain.

Onto H&M, they have some great stuff in!

I’ve had my eye on these for a while, so finally bought them. I really wanted some block heels as they really are so much more comfortable and still look great. Comfort is much more of a priority for me these days! No more silly stilettos. I love these, try them on and you’ll see why. Legs look great AND you can walk in them AND wear them longer than a hour?! Miracle.

I LOVE these shorts, they are so cute! This picture nor the website do them justice, they are so lovely on and are so soft. When the weather warms up hopefully I can include them in an outfit post as they look so great on. I could only find them in the store in a size smaller than I would normally get, but they fit perfectly, so that’s always a great feeling! 😉 And only £7.99, I couldn’t believe it. They go so nicely with all the tops I got too.

This top is part of the H&M conscious range which uses some recycled materials which is pretty cool. As you can probably tell, it’s the kind of top you’ll have to iron a lot as it’s crease prone, but I just really like the colour and fit, it’s something you can tuck into things as well as over the top of jeans etc. So chic.

This is so nice, it’s long at the back and is just a lovely fit; flowy but flattering. I’ve been wearing it over the top of a long sleeve white top while it’s still a bit chilly. I love it. I’m sensing a nude, beige theme going on with me here!

Onto New Look

I was so happy with New Look for this one! I’d seen basically the same top in Topshop (River Island had one too, here), and had half decided I was going to buy it, but I thought I’d check New Look first in the hope they had one similar, and they did! And with their cheaper prices I saved over a tenner, very glad I bothered to look for it.

Lastly, a perfume from Zara

I think Zara’s perfume range is great, some lovely ones there and they’re so affordable. To be truthful, I’m kind of wishing I’d got a different one to this Oriental one, I like it but just not love… I was trying to be grown up and get something not so sweet as usual, but they’re what I like so I wish I’d just stayed true to that and got the Green Apple one I truly wanted! Ah well, they’re £9.99, so I haven’t broken the bank, it will get used up.

Happy Easter,

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Soap and Glory – Feel Good Factor Review

I am a BIG fan of Soap and Glory products, and I slowly hope to work my way through trying all of them! I love the branding concept, packaging, fragrances, the actual products and that they’re British! I am quite weirdly patriotic… I don’t know if that is actually weird, but I feel it is, especially amongst the young people I know! A lot of their products say they’re made in the UK, and that automatically makes me want to like it and want to buy it more, because I’m like “yeah, that’s some British jobs involved in making these wonderful products!” Anyway… Enough of the economy.
Feel Good Factor – Boots

Product description

“Feel Good Factor is a silky smooth, light, brightening, colourless BB cream that’s loaded with skin-rejuvenating moisturisers, and also has weightless SPF25 UVA/UVB screens to help fend off wrinkles, sun damage, and pigmentation. Featuring Soap & Glory’s exclusive UV-activated SUNTRIGGER; antioxidant technology, it’s that perfect ‘everything you need’ cream.
  • Ultra-lite UVA/UVB SPF25 screens
  • A booster, serum, moisturiser, primer, skin-tone evener, and sunblock in one
  • Brightening and mattifying with a weightless finish
  • Protects against ageing effects of the sun
  • Perfectly balanced for all skin types”
I can’t remember exactly why I bought this product. I was either looking for a primer product, or for a product with SPF in it. It’s marketed as a translucent BB cream; a multi-purpose “primer, moisturiser and UV-protector”.
I do like using this. I first started using it on top of my other moisturiser because of the priming and SPF properties, but when I ran out of that I used this on it’s own before I bought a new moisturiser and it actually did the job perfectly on its own! I think I have an assumption of a BB cream being tinted and going on top of your daily moisturiser, but being transparent this one is basically just a nice moisturiser with SPF! It offers no coverage so I would never wear it on its own but it is a nice base for makeup once you let it sink in for a few minutes. However it’s not the best primer in that it doesn’t blur pores or anything like that. It contains that magical ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, but also, after a quick check of the ingredients, has Parfum (fragrance) in it which I know causes problems for some sensitive skinned people. No problems for me though, no breakouts caused by it either! I have spots somewhere on my face 24/7 regardless, boo.
I think this product is a very nice one to choose if you’re looking for a creamy day moisturiser suitable as a makeup base with a good SPF, which I am very hot on now (no pun intended). I make sure that I’m wearing some everyday whether that be in my moisturiser or foundation! It’s a good habit to get into while you’re young.
I’ll enjoy using this up as a moisturiser over summer, but I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase once its empty, mainly as I love trying new things, but also as I’m always on the hunt for a miracle moisturiser with blemish preventing properties to transform me to the perfect natural complexion. One can only hope. Probably doesn’t help that cake and chocolate is about 75% of my diet lately…

Best Bikini Ever?

The weather has been lovely where I am today, and whilst it’s still not exactly bikini weather, it does get you in the mood for when the time comes. I happened to FINALLY find one I felt happy in a couple of days ago.

 I seem to be extremely picky when it comes to bikinis, this new one is actually the only one I own at the moment! I really think they’re something you have to try on in store. I couldn’t purchase one online, it’d be too risky with my preferences and sizing.  With a bikini, for me, it’s as much to do with how I feel in one as it is about how I look in it. If I don’t feel comfortable in it, what really is the point?
I’m pretty self-conscious about being in public semi-naked, as I’m sure are the majority of people! Bikini’s have always scared me a bit. I want to look good, but I also don’t like the idea of drawing attention to myself… So a bright multi-colour bikini was a strange choice from me, but I really love it that much! I think what I like about it (as well as it being frickin beautiful) is that the top is flattering. I wanted a bikini with a bit of support and lift so I feel feminine and not flattened, but not so padded that my boobies are massive and garner loads of unwanted attention!  This does that and gives me lift and definition, but not TOO much.
This wonderful creation is from Boux Avenue, and the top costs £25 and the bottoms £15 (but they do student discount hoorah!) I found this pretty pricey for a bikini, but for the way I felt in it, it was worth it. I’ve tried lots of bikinis on lately and nothing has come close. Another good thing is that Boux Avenue’s swimwear is sold in bra sizes, which for me is essential for a good fit. I’m not brave enough to model it, but please see the model wearing it here.
The ladies working in the store were lovely, and advised me on what size to get as I was apparently completely wrong! I got a quick bra fitting done and was very surprised by the results, but this 100% helped me get a better fitting bikini. If you’re going to splash out on one, I thoroughly recommend having a little chat with someone, they were so helpful in the Southampton store.
Now I basically have to book a holiday so I can wear this, it’s the rules right?! 🙂